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International Chihuahua Appreciation Day 2023: when and how to celebrate

Chihuahua They are the smallest dog breeds on the planet, and on International Chihuahua Appreciation Day, the world is celebrating them. Chihuahuas have been celebrated every year on May 14 since 2010, thanks to former Miss British Columbia Nadia Alterio. She announced that the day would be celebrated alongside her Chihuahua’s birthday, and it has been ever since.

Chihuahuas are so much fun, and so is celebrating them! Keep reading for some festive ideas, plus everything you need to know about these little rascals.

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Top 3 Ways to Celebrate International Chihuahua Appreciation Day

You can celebrate your Chihuahua in many different ways. Buying them a new toy, making special dog treats, playing their favorite games, taking them to the park, or giving them extra cuddles are all great ways to show your appreciation for your dog. Here are some fun ideas:

1. Puppy party

If you have a Chihuahua, you can throw him a puppy party. Puppy parties are a good way for dogs to interact and socialize with other dogs and people. Make sure all decorations and treats you put out are dog-friendly and not small enough to choke your curious pup. You can order your dog’s treats or make your own, shaping them into the shape of a small Chihuahua. For humans, coming to the party dressed to match their Chihuahua can be a fun touch.

2. Spread awareness

You can use May 14 as an opportunity to spread awareness about this breed on your social media. Encourage others looking to get a dog up for adoption from their nearest Chihuahua rescue shelter and share your personal experience with your little best friend.

3. Donates

Whether you are a Chihuahua owner or not, you can celebrate this day by donating to the Chihuahua Rescue Shelter. Providing food, veterinary care, shelter, and staff to care for these dogs is an expensive business, and any donation, no matter how small, will help the shelter greatly.

If you don’t have money to donate, donate your time by volunteering at the shelter. You can help take care of these dogs, play with them, cuddle them and take them for a walk.

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Split dog claw Chihuahua history

It is believed that these dogs originated from the Techichi tribe, which lived around the ninth century AD but are now unfortunately extinct. The Techichi was slightly larger than modern Chihuahuas but had similarly large ears, eyes, and heads. These dogs are believed to have magical powers by the Toltec people, and can be seen on artifacts dating back to this ancient time.

Chihuahuas are very beloved in Mexico and were named after a Mexican state. Chihuahuas became popular in the 19th century when they were brought to the United States and bred by American dog breeders. Two types of Chihuahuas were produced: the smooth coat and the long coat. They became a breed recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1904.

Characteristics of Chihuahua

Chihuahuas stand about 5-8 inches in height and can weigh up to 6 pounds. Although Chihuahuas are small in size, their average life expectancy ranges from 14 to 16 years. Their bodies are compact and can feature many color combinations that can be mixed or solid. They can also be spotted, tri-colored, bridled, or merle. These dogs do not shed much and do not require extensive grooming.

These dogs have “apple” heads with large eyes that can protrude and ears that stand straight up on their heads. They have a small snout, and although their teeth are smaller than those of larger dog breeds, they are sharp and biting.

Chihuahua sitting on the grass
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Chihuahua characters

Although they are known to be cheeky and sometimes aggressive, this is not the case for all Chihuahuas as their personalities can vary greatly depending on their environment, age and experience.

Of course, many Chihuahuas are confident and have a bit of an attitude, but others can be shy, anxious, happy, playful, friendly and outgoing. Often times, you will find a whole mix of emotions in your dog, depending on the situation they are experiencing. Regardless of their personalities, these dogs crave lots of cuddles and attention.

Chihuahuas make great guards because they are not very afraid, including larger dogs. Because of this trait, it is important to socialize your dog from an early age so that he feels comfortable around other pets and people. Chihuahuas who are isolated from society can become irritable if they feel threatened or anxious.

Chihuahuas are usually attached to one person but can enjoy the company of other family members. They get along well and are probably happier with other Chihuahuas, so consider adopting two instead of just one.

These smart, powerful personalities like to take charge, so it’s important to let them know you’re the boss by adhering to your orders and expectations. Fortunately, they are easy to train and do well with positive reinforcement, such as rewarding them with treats and praise.

Are Chihuahuas good family dogs?

Chihuahuas are great family dogs. They may be a little wary of strangers, but they have a lot of love to offer those they consider family. Their small size is great for children because they are not big and scary, but children should be properly taught how to interact with their dog to avoid any injuries to their pets or bites.

When it comes to adding new pets to the family, you may face some opposition from your Chihuahua. They are territorial and tend to prey, so never leave your dog alone with any other type of pet. However, with proper introduction and supervised interactions, your Chihuahua will learn to adapt.

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Chihuahua needs

Chihuahuas are picky eaters and tend to have sensitive stomachs. It is essential to feed them good, nutritious food. Fortunately, they don’t eat much, so you won’t be buying big bags of food every week!

Chihuahuas have a lot of energy and need at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. It doesn’t have to be running or walking around your neighborhood; Playing in your backyard is enough to exercise those little legs. Make it fun for both of you by playing fetch or tug of war. Watch for signs of exhaustion because these little puppies don’t know when to stop. When they start panting, overheating, or feeling tired, it’s time to pick them up and carry them home or end playtime.

Training is another essential for these intelligent dogs They need mental stimulation. They are quick to learn because they are very eager to please their owners.

Fun facts about Chihuahua

Chihuahuas have been involved in a little bit of everything, from starring in TV shows and movies to breaking world records. Here are some fun facts about Chihuahuas:

    • Chihuahuas have broken a number of Guinness World Records, which include the fastest 5-meter run on their front feet; Being the smallest police dog. Being the smallest service dog, and being the shortest dog alive.

Legally Blonde, Sex and the City, Beverly Hills Chihuahuas, and The Walking Dead are just a few of the popular movies and series that Chihuahuas have starred in.

The Aztecs believed that the spirit of the Chihuahua would take the souls of the dead to the underworld. Sadly, these dogs were sacrificed when an aristocrat died for this very reason.

Chihuahuas perform very well at dog sports Because they are agile and easy to train.

Chihuahuas were bred in Mexico and prefer warmth to cold weather. They are known to shake and shiver when cold. If it is not possible to wrap them in a blanket, they will appreciate a sweater and dog booties.

Paris Hilton is famous for having a Chihuahua that she carries in her handbag. However, other famous people who were proud Chihuahua owners include Marilyn Monroe, Demi Moore, Hilary Duff, Drew Barrymore, Britney Spears, and Madonna.

Chihuahuas are born with soft spots like newborns. The soft spot remains until the puppy is about 6 months old and then closes. They are essential because they allow their large heads to pass through the mother’s birth canal. Without it, puppies will stumble.

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This year, International Chihuahua Appreciation Day falls on Sunday, May 14. This is the day to go the extra mile for your Chihuahua and make him feel festive. You can do this via Buy them a sweet giftLike a new game. You can also use this occasion to spread awareness via your social media about this wonderful breed of dog and encourage people to adopt from rescue shelters or donate. Despite its small size, this breed has had an impact on the world and the people who live in it!

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