Woofz Dog Training App Review 2023: Our Experts Say

Our final verdict

We give the Woofz Dog Training app a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

easy to use: 4.8/5

Training options: 4.6/5

value: 4.7/5

As loving dog parents, we understand the importance of providing our furry friends with the training they need to live happy, well-behaved lives. How many times have you tried to get your little one to stay, roll over, or do many other commands and feel like it never works?

The truth is that training plays a crucial role in the development of our pets and contributes greatly to our relationship with them. But let’s face it – seeking help from a professional dog trainer or attending classes can be particularly time consuming and expensive. Fortunately, this is where Woofz Dog Training comes in!

This comprehensive review will provide you with everything you need to know about the Woofz Dog Training app, walking you through its key features and functions and evaluating its overall ease of use.

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What is Woofz dog training app?

woofz dog training app - discover workouts

the Woofz training application Designed for dog owners looking for an easy way to train their pets. Developed by Woofz, a company known for innovative pet products, this app appeals to dog owners of all ages who want to reinforce basic obedience and teach new tricks.

The simplicity of the app makes it accessible to first-time dog trainers. Its interactive features, such as video lessons and digital click sounds, engage dogs during short, positive reinforcement training sessions. Tracking your dog’s progress over time is easy with the built-in training log. One of its biggest selling points is its comprehensive trick library that contains step-by-step instructions for teaching more than 75 commands and tricks.

Although this app has a lot to offer, it may not be useful for dog owners with more serious behavioral issues. The basic training instructions work well for puppies and dogs without major obedience issues, but the app lacks the tools to tackle more challenging training scenarios.

If you’re a new or experienced dog owner looking for support in teaching your furry friend some fun new tricks and basic manners, the Woofz Training app has plenty to do just that. The simple interface, positive reinforcement approach, and powerful library of tricks make training engaging for dogs and owners alike. Note that if you have a dog who needs specialized behavioral therapy, you will likely need more professional help than this powerful app.

Where to get it

The Woofz Training app is available for download on iOS and Android devices. iPhone and iPad users can download it from the App Store, while it can be found on the Google Play Store for Android phones and tablets. An Internet connection is required to download and install the app, but you can use many features offline once you download it. The app offers a one-week free trial, after which a monthly or annual subscription is required, starting at $9.99 per month. Both individual and family plans are available if you want to use the app with multiple devices.

woofz dog training app - basic commands


The Woofz Training app is available for download on iOS and Android devices. iPhone and iPad users can download it from the App Store, while it can be found on the Google Play Store for Android phones and tablets. An Internet connection is required to download and install the app, but you can use many features offline once you download it. The app offers a one-week free trial, after which a monthly or annual subscription is required, starting at $9.99 per month. Both individual and family plans are available if you want to use the app with multiple devices.

what are you expecting

Once you download the Woofz Training app, you can expect an intuitive and easy-to-use interface designed to make training your dog easy and fun. After setting up an account, you’ll be asked to enter details about your dog, such as name, age, breed, and any existing behavioral issues. This customizes the experience for your individual dog. You’ll then be able to access the app’s core features, including a library of tricks, video lessons, a training log to track progress, and virtual tapping.

The Tricks Library contains detailed instructions broken down into small, easy-to-follow steps to teach more than 75 commands, tricks, and skills. Instructional videos bring these instructions to life, featuring real dog trainers demonstrating each trick. While working on tricks, use a training log to set milestones and track what your dog has mastered. To reward good behavior, use a virtual clicker, which provides the same audio feedback as a real clicker without the need for a physical device. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your dog learns with regular short sessions!

Take note: Training your puppy takes time and patience. We’ve tried so many tricks with our little ones that we have to keep working with them. And remember, this is not a bad thing. Some of the tricks and skills in the app simply need to be given breathing room and implemented consistently until they stick.

In summary

  • User-friendly interface is great for novice dog trainers
  • Engaging educational videos and clicking sounds keep dogs interested
  • Tracks training progress over time in the in-app training log
  • An extensive library containing instructions for more than 75 tricks and commands
  • The positive reinforcement model is used for effective training
  • Not useful for dogs with serious behavioral problems
  • Lacks the tools to tackle the most challenging training scenarios

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Woofz training app reviewed

woofz dog training app - discover workouts

The Woofz Dog Training app features a range of useful features, all designed with the best interests of you and their child in mind. Some of our favorite key features include:

user interface

The user interface of the Woofz Dog Training app is clean, intuitive and easy to use, ensuring that dog owners of all skill levels can easily navigate and understand its features. The app opens with an easy-to-navigate home screen displaying basic training categories, such as basic obedience, socialization, and therapy dog ​​training. This helps you quickly find content that suits your dog’s needs.


The usefulness of the Woofz Dog Training App is impressive, with a range of features designed to accommodate dogs of different ages, breeds, and skill levels. The app features hundreds of tutorials and exercises, expertly organized into categories and difficulty levels. This makes finding the perfect training activities for your unique pup easy.

Interactive training lessons and programs provide a more immersive experience, engaging your dog through voice commands, rewards, and positive reinforcement. These programs ensure that your pup receives the perfect balance between challenge and reward, resulting in more effective and enjoyable training sessions.

The app’s customizable training plans allow you to create a specific, tailored plan based on your dog’s ability, ensuring optimal progress at every stage of the learning process. With Woofz, you have complete control over the pace, difficulty, and type of training your dog receives.

Track skill mastery

One of the most useful features of the Woofz Training app is its ability to track your dog’s proficiency across different skills over time. You can record your dog’s progress in the app as they work through various tutorials and training sessions. It allows you to mark skills as “In Progress”, “Learned” or “Mastered” on your dog’s profile.

Tracking makes it easier to identify areas where your dog excels or needs more training. The app compiles this data into helpful progress reports so you can visualize your dog’s improvement. With Woofz’s detailed skills tracking, you’ll have a clear view of training gaps and be able to customize plans to address them.

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Is the Woofz training app a good value?

For most dog owners, Woofz Training represents a worthwhile investment. With subscriptions starting at $9.99 per month, you get access to hundreds of training tutorials, progress tracking features, and personalized training plans. Considering the cost of just one group training class for beginners, which can reach $100 or more, an entire month of unlimited training content is very affordable.

The value proposition becomes even stronger when you consider how personalized and effective the app’s step-by-step lessons and positive reinforcement tools are. For any owner who prioritizes their dog’s education and wants to engage in hands-on work, the Woofz app offers great value by saving time, frustration and money.

woofz dog training app - related plan

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What devices is the application compatible with?

The Woofz app can be used on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

What training methods does the app use?

Woofz uses positive reinforcement and reward-based training.

How many tricks and commands does it include?

Over 75+ different tricks, commands and skills to teach your dog.

Is an Internet connection required?

An Internet connection is required for the initial download, but many features work offline once installed.

How much does the application cost?

Subscription plans start at $9.99 per month or $59.99 per year.

Can multiple users share the app?

Yes, Family Sharing plans allow use across multiple devices.

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Our experience with the Woofz training app

A dog shakes its owner's hand

When we brought home our three amazing rescue dogs – Ryder, Bella, and Winter – we knew we had our work cut out for us in training. While Bella and Winter got along well Basic commands such as sit and stay During the first few weeks, our middle puppy, Ryder, was more strong-willed. We decided to try the Woofz Training App because the positive reinforcement approach seemed perfect for his personality.

We started with introductory lessons, which kept the training short and fun. The Rider responded well to the app’s clear voice commands and clicking sounds. He picked up simple signals like going down, landing, and heeling more quickly than expected. We attribute this early success to clear application instructions and demonstration videos. Two of Ryder’s favorite tricks were “Rolls over” And “Play dead“-We think it’s mostly because he gets the best belly rub and all the treats every time!

Bella, on the other hand, was a bit more stubborn with some of the tricks we tried. She needs a little more repetition than her siblings to master the skills. The app’s tracking features helped us identify where Bella needed more training so we could work on specific commands without getting bored.

We also took advantage of Woofz’s personalized training plans to customize lessons to suit Bella’s active mood. Their tips for keeping independent-minded dogs engaged prevent frustration on both ends.

Although Bella required more patience from Raider and Winter, Woofz gave us the tools to work at her own pace. We continue to use it for maintenance training as the puppies grow. It keeps learning productive and positive for each of our unique fur babies – especially our lively little Kala!

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For dog owners looking to reinforce good manners or teach new tricks,… Woofz training application Provides an accessible and effective training experience. With its extensive library of proven lessons Positive reinforcement techniquesWith powerful customization features and an intuitive interface, this app makes engaging dogs in productive training sessions easy. Although it may not be suitable for dog owners looking for specialized behavioral therapy, Woofz provides most pet parents with the guidance and tools needed to improve their dogs’ skills and deepen the pet-owner bond. Overall, Woofz Training is an outstanding option for training dogs at home.

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