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2023 Ruff Dawg Rubber Dog Toy Review: Expert Opinion

Our final verdict

We gave the Ruff Dawg Rubber Dog Toy an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 4.9/5

diverse: 5/5

Material: 5/5

value: 5/5

Ruff Dawg is a family owned business in Worcester MA. They started out as a rubber molding company under a different name, manufacturing rubber discs used for water aeration. One thing led to another, and eventually, the company’s dog owners brought home some imperfect manufactured discs. This marked the birth of their new dog-loving venture with the slogan “Changing the way pets play.”

All Ruff Dawg toys are made entirely in the USA from premium, non-toxic, FDA approved materials, making playtime safe and durable for all dogs whether they are chasing, chewing or cuddling.

But don’t take my word for it blindly. I had the pleasure of testing a box full of Ruff Dawg toys along with my Standard Poodles Zeta and Blanche. This way, you can decide from our experience whether Ruff Dawg games are the right games for you.

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At a Glance: Most Popular Ruff Dawg Games

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Our favorite

Ruff Dog Indestructible Ball Ruff Dog Indestructible Ball
  • Float

  • Super bouncy

  • Premium solid rubber

  • Second place
    Ruff Dog Heart Ruff Dog Heart
  • Float

  • Ultra durable

  • Crazy liar

  • About RuffDog

    Ruff Dog Rubber Dog Toy Packaging

    Who makes Ruff Dawg inflatables and where are they produced?

    Raf dogg is a division of Jefferson Rubber Works, a family-owned company founded in 1975 that manufactures parts for wastewater treatment plants. As with most manufacturers, there were incomplete pieces that were usually discarded. These disc-shaped pieces of rubber were used for entertainment during work breaks. The staff was throwing them back and forth like Frisbees. In the end, they brought these discs home and found them to be great dog toys. The founders named the disc the K9-flyer, and the rest is Ruff Dawg history.

    Since the success of the K9-Flyer, Ruff Dawg has developed a full line of durable rubber dog toys from sticks to balls to donut-shaped retrieve toys. In 2013, Ruff Dog acquired Worcester dog chew manufacturer, Astrobone. This led to the expansion of their product line to include Ruff Bone chew toys, furthering their mission of changing the way pets play.

    What types of pets are Ruff Dawg rubber toys best suited for?

    I’m sure all types of dogs will benefit from interacting with the Ruff Dawg toy. After all, playtime is essential fun for dogs of all ages and sizes.

    However, the Ruff Dawg is designed for more demanding dogs with active mouths and feet. These toys are weatherproof and washable, so no amount of rain or mud will erode the material. Water retrievers can enjoy playing fetch in the pool as these toys float in the water. And if you have a chaser who sometimes loses where he’s throwing the ball, the bright neon colors will help you find him every time you think he’s lost.

    You’re probably thinking: “But my dog ​​is very aggressive with his toys. We can’t buy anything without him tearing it to shreds within minutes. That’s okay too, because Ruff Dawg offers a lifetime guarantee on some of their most popular products. So, if you have Fido already has a vise-like bite, RuffDog may replace it for free! (Note: This is in select products and includes both the Indestructible Ball and Hart).

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    Key Features

    Ruff Dog Indestructible Ball - Blanche is waiting for the game

    Any puppy owner can tell you that play is one of the most important parts of exercise and bonding. Running, chasing and retrieving is important for your dog’s health, and being a part of this game strengthens your bond with your dog. But it’s more than that Hazar.

    Ruff Dawg rubber toys keep playtime safe, too. They’re made of durable materials, making them difficult (perhaps impossible) for even the toughest chewers to destroy them. No matter your dog’s breed or size, there’s something to suit his needs – Ruff Dawg toys come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.


    As mentioned above, Ruff Dawg manufactures all of their inflatables in the USA, which makes it easy for them to monitor all materials from packaging to manufacturing. Each toy is manufactured with high-quality, FDA-approved materials and is free of phthalate and hormone-disrupting BPA. Pet owners can rest assured that Ruff Dawg has done everything they can to keep their pups safe while playing with their products.


    One of my favorite things about Ruff Dawgs inflatables is the variety available. Most retrieved balls come in one standard size, but not the Ruff Dawg. Three different sizes (Ball, Ball XL, and Ball XXL) ensure that no matter how big your dog’s mouth is, there is a size to fit them.

    Size isn’t everything, though. Most Ruff Dawg inflatables come in four different neon colors. So, regardless of whether you buy a bright orange Dawg-Buster or a purple Gummy Bear Retriever, it will be difficult to lose him while at the dog park or on a walk. There is no loss of those bright colors under the natural environment. Thank God, because I know a puppy who is bound to sneak a ball into the bush and forget where you dropped it. (I’m looking at you, Blanche.)

    Indestructible Ruff Dog Balls in different colors and sizes


    Now my poodles are a chewer. There hasn’t been a game they haven’t destroyed within a day yet. That is, until I got these in the mail. Usually, any toy I brought home would end up in pieces while I turned my back for a few minutes. At best, it might be a day before the pieces start chipping away, and I need to dig into Blanche’s mouth to find the remains of the plastic.

    However, I have now had Ruff Dawg rubber toys in my house for over a week, and I don’t even see a trace of them. no one. Not even a superficial scratch mark. I’m sure this may change over time as we play more fetch and get away. But I can honestly say that I don’t expect these toys to rub off like other “rugged” toys we’ve tried in the past.

    The ability to bounce back

    Let’s talk about liar. Zeta has always been the type to chase anything that moves. Once she discovered that she had the skills to hunt And She caught a toy in the air, anything that bounced in the yard became her all-time favorite.

    These games are very Bouncy. Each ball launches straight into the air, perfect for stimulating your dogs predator and prey instincts. And if you’re more adventurous with your fun, one of the “weird” shaped toys (like the Hart toy) will have your dog darting in many different directions because it bounces hard wherever it hits!

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    RavDog Rubber Reviews Kids Games

    1. Ruff Dog Indestructible Ball

    Ruff Dog Indestructible Balls

    the game It really does live up to its name. These huge chewers chased balls, tossed them in the air, ran circles with them in the yard, and snuck away to chew on them. Not only have these balls stood the test of Zita’s excitement and Blanche’s teeth, they have become the best way to get your poodle’s attention. With just one call of their name with a neon ball in hand, they will eagerly drop what they are doing to play fetch.

    The regular sized “ball” is perfect for my little one to catch after a good bounce. A solid high jump, and they can easily put it in their mouth without dropping it. The XL ball still fits in their jaws, but due to its weight, they are more hesitant to catch it in the air. There’s no way they’ll catch the XXL ball in the air, but that doesn’t mean they won’t have fun with it. They will continue to chase him enthusiastically, and even Blanche’s small form will allow her to carry him across the yard without a problem.

    • Very durable material
    • Easy to clean
    • Designed for easy grip
    • Heavy (can be dangerous while playing indoors)

    2. Ruff Dog Heart

    Ruff Dog Dog Heart

    the Ruff Dog Heart Much like a Ruff Dawg ball. It’s made of the same durable rubber material, which means even the most destructive dogs can’t tear it apart. It’s a great chase toy that bounces in every direction, due to its odd shape. One throw in the backyard, and who knows how many times your dog will turn on a dime to go after it.

    However, the XL weighs heavier than the Ball XL, making it difficult for any of my dogs to pick up or carry. Even with their wide-shaped mouths, they struggled to wrap their teeth around it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely a fun game to chase, but it’s not something we’re going to be Able to play fetch. Perhaps the smaller size allows them to do all three things: chase, catch, and carry. For us, I imagine it would be a great (although perhaps embarrassing) chew toy.

    • Durable material
    • Easy to clean
    • Floats on water
    • Heavy (can be dangerous while playing indoors)

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    Our experience with Ruff Dawg inflatables

    Ruff Dog Indestructible Ball - Zeta Bites Game

    I would say I have two fully grown puppies. At just under two years old, both Blanche and Zita have a ton of energy. The moment they hear the word “ball,” their ears perk up, and their tails move. So when I had the opportunity to test out some RuffDog inflatables, I was more than ready. (Honestly, they were).

    We tested several different sizes of Ruff Dawg rubber balls as well as the XL Hart, and it’s worth noting that each toy is sold separately.

    I have to admit, I’m so glad I was able to test out all the sizes because after seeing Zita’s eyes light up and the way Blanche gasps quickly after a few minutes of play, I can honestly say that every size has its place in our toy box.

    Upon opening the box, I couldn’t get these toys out of their packaging fast enough. Zita’s mouth found them immediately. She lost her mind, and forgot every method I taught her. She was in it to win it. With the promise that we would play, she let me read the package, take some pictures, and decided that finally, yes, we could go play ball.

    First came the smaller size, the “ball”. Not only did Blanche impatiently chase her across the yard, but Zita jumped into the air to catch her several times. At its smallest size, it’s the lightest ball Ruff Dog has to offer, making it a perfect fit for their jaws. I felt a little uneasy when Blanche made her trademark move: first catch the ball, then play away, then hide behind the azalea bushes to chew on it until she forgot. (This is how almost every ball in our house was destroyed.) But to my happy surprise, it chewed and chewed and chewed without making a dent. That’s when I knew we had a winner.

    Ball XL and Ball XXL were similar in terms of playability My poodle. Both are too heavy to hold in the air, but they make great toys of fetch. The moment they hit the ground, they jump high into the air, then end up across the yard within seconds. I’ve never seen these two run quite like they did chasing those extra bouncy balls. The XL ball fit better in their mouths, but none of them let the larger XXL size intimidate them. The only downside to these two is that they are quite heavy, so I would caution against playing with them at home. (Zeta discovered she could toss it across hardwood floors. But shake her head the wrong way, and I’m sure we’ll be paying for a new TV.)

    As great as Ruff Dawg Hart is, it’s the only game in this collection that I didn’t like very much. It is very wide and very heavy. Zita was thrilled to chase her insanely unpredictable rebound, but she couldn’t get it back. Neither she nor Blanche could even catch it in their mouths. So my warning to you is to downsize your hart for optimal play, unless you have it Bear dog.

    Ruff Dog Indestructible Ball - Blanche Licking Game

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    See, I used to think “a ball is a ball is a ball” when it comes to dog toys. I thought it was in our cards to just keep the standard brand of tennis ball in action the way my dogs go through it. but Raf dogg You proved me wrong.

    If there’s one ball you should buy for your dog, this is it. The rubber material will outlast any other toy we’ve spoiled our dogs with. The bounce ability is insane – I’ve never seen a standard ball bounce so high or so wild. And the fact that Ruff Dawg offers a lifetime warranty? I mean, it makes sense to have one on hand, especially with chewers at home.

    Just be careful indoors, unless you need an excuse to buy a new TV.

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