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Feeling weak is a miserable experience. If each of us is given the opportunity to choose, we will inevitably choose more power.. However, most attempts to gain power are frustrating.

In order to reach it. You must be clever and democratic, and for this the writer Robert Greene asserts in his controversial book that if you can seduce your opponents and charm them, you will obtain absolute power

Green says that the better you become at handing power, the better friend, lover and person. You become.: This is because you learn how to make others feel good about themselves. Making them depend on you as a source of intense pleasure around them

What are the Forty-Eight Laws of Power For Green strength?

Is a wonder.. It’S a game. Social game. To master it. You must be able to study and understand people., But you must always take the indirect path to power.

This book includes 48 pieces of wisdom inspired by men and women across a variety of civilizations for more than 3,000 years, and all of them have one point in common.. Greene’S book is a distillation of this accumulated wisdom and is a real way to guide how to become more powerful.

. It’S an invaluable source of knowledge for those looking to get ahead In this summary, we’ll go through each of these laws and extract the most important things you should consider before you take your next step.

Never shine more than your chief

Nicolas Fouquet made the Mistake of appearing better than his king Louis XIV., And he spent the rest of his days in prison, always making someone above you feel comfortably superior.

, Hide the extent of your talents, because your leaders may feel insecure The better, the appearance of your boss, the higher the Level of power you will get. Leaders want to feel safe and valued.. This may include making a few harmless mistakes so that you can seek help from your boss.

. But if you were more attractive to him, it would be best to avoid working for him altogether..

Do not put too much trust in friends and learn to use Enemies

Michael III of the Byzantine Empire was saved from death by Basileus.

, Michael in turn, rewarded him with many gifts and gave him influence and prestige.. Instead of showing gratitude, Basilius wanted to More power, and his greed drive him to kill Michael When it comes to trust, always try to make your own safety distance.

People are selfish and go after their own. Interests.. Friends are more likely to betray you sooner because they are more likely to feel envy., But if you hired an ex-enemy, he will prove He is more trustworthy, as he has more to prove.

As a result, you have to be more wary of your friends than of your enemies and if you think you have no enemies find a way to find them., You are often mistaken as to how well you know your friends.. That is because honesty is seldom.

It strengthens bonds, so friends often hide their true feelings for each other.. This can be very dangerous, says Greene, “Keep friends for friendship and leave work to the talented.”. • Whenever you can bury grudges with your enemy and put him at your service, do it.

• Ast Serve enemies to define your cause more clearly to the public, even if this requires framing it as a struggle of good against evil.. It is better to know who and where your opponents are than to know your true enemies.

Hide your intentions

Always keep your intentions vague. In this way, your opponents cannot defend themselves. Mislead them and, by the time they start noticing your schemes. It will be too late.

Use the human tendency to trust appearances to your advantage.. When you make a series of false intentions before your opponents, they will inevitably fail to see what you really plan.. By being vague, you make people less inclined to doubt your intentions and plans

Always be sparing with your words,

Always be sparing with your words, because they can’t predict their king’s reaction.. The servants of Louis 14 were frightened every time they had to deliver bad news to him.. All he would say was “ I’ll, think about it” and then make them leave the room.

Then comes either action or a decision not to do anything about the issue.. Strong people know how to impress others with their little words.. The more you talk, the more likely you are to end up saying something stupid.

, While people are constantly trying to figure out what other people are thinking, the silence makes them feel uncomfortable. By controlling what you reveal. You can exercise great power.. It is more likely, however, that people will fill in the silence you leave, revealing more information about their intentions and weaknesses.

Many things depend On reputation

if you defended your reputation during World War, II.

Rommel was famous for his superior ingenuity and cunning. Deceptive strategy.. His opponent’s army was frustrated and most soldiers doubted their chances of success against him.. Strong reputation can double your strength and distract potential opponents from discovering what you really are.

. It increases your presence and strength without having to spend a lot of energy.. Your reputation is the cornerstone of your strength.. You can use it to intimidate and win, but if you become deformed, you expose yourself to attack.

, Make your reputation impenetrable and anticipate attacks before they happen. Help yourself in this quest by destroying your enemies by exploiting the holes in their reputation and allowing the common people To destroy them.

Your reputation always precedes you so build and protect it. Carefully.

Gain Attention At All Costs

Pablo Picasso would not allow himself to fade from the background.. He preferred to paint something ugly and out of the ordinary than to be forgotten.

. Every publicity is good publicity., Don’t let yourself become one of many., Since everything is judged on the basis of appearance, you must stand out. Make yourself appear, bigger, more interesting and more mysterious to the masses.

. One way to do this is to surround your name with a sense of excitement.. Remember that fame of any kind brings power.. It is better to be slandered rather than ignored.. A strong counterbalance to this approach boils down to creating an air of mystery that surrounds you.

. Keep your playing cards hidden. People are drawn to those who seem very mysterious.. The mysterious atmosphere increases your presence and creates a state of anticipation, so that everyone is anxious for the next step.

Take Advantage of Others' Efforts

Thomas Edison was not so much a scientist as a businessman.. He was taking advantage of the genius of Nikola Tesla and gaining all the appreciation., Never do what others can do for you Use their wisdom and knowledge to advance your cause.

. Thus, you will appear more efficient and informed.. Eventually, the people who worked for you will be forgotten and you will always be remembered. If you think it’s important to do all the work yourself, you won’t go far.

So find those with the skills that you lack and find a way to either take their work. As your own or hire them and put your name on their efforts., But to do it effectively, your attitude must be safe, or else people will call you a swindler.

Lure others into doing what you want

Otto van Bismarck says When I bait a deer, do not shoot the first deer that comes to sniff, but wait for it to gather The whole herd around him Force your opponent.

To respond to your moves. It is always better to lure your opponents to you, as they will have to abandon their plans and strategies in the process. Lure them and then attack them.. This prevents you from responding to your opponents.

Instead, it forces them to respond to your movements.. This means playing the long game sitting still and keeping calm, while others fall into your carefully planned traps, but the quality of your traps will only be as attractive as your bait.

. If you taste sweet enough, your opponent will only become blind allowing you to gain supreme power.

Win with your actions

not your words. Mosianus needed powerful ships.. His engineer was prompt to claim that a different kind of ammunition, which he preferred would be much better for the conquest.

. Although his words were true, he was sentenced to death.. Don’T argue with those in power agree with them, suggest an alternative and then present your argument.. Any victory you gain through argumentation will be short-lived.

. Resentment will be exacerbated by your opponents rather than a real change of opinion.. Instead, let your actions speak for you.. If people agree with you through your actions, rather than your words, you are more likely to influence lasting opinions.

. The words are many and people will say anything to prove a point.. As for the action, it is where you show your metal. 

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