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Avatar Builder Review and Demo

Avatar builder review. So what’s going on guys, as you can tell by today’s video title, I’m going to be doing a review of the avatar builder software. So basically avatar builder is a 3d video animation maker software.

And in this video, we’ll see it’s all applications features and demo tutorial. And this is not going to be a video like other creators, where they just read the sales page and don’t show you live in action.

Does those features and functions of the software really work or they are just a gimmick. So cheer up, we’ll see a live tutorial. Now pay close attention to this video. I know a lot of you have been waiting weeks for this product to go live.

It finally is. And in fact, they are selling it now for half the price of what it was when they were testing. And I believe during the launch period, the avatar builder front-end price is only $37 with personal license and $47 with commercial license.

And both are just a one-time fee. Now below this video will be a link that will take you to my website, where you can get it for that price. And you can also learn about all the upsells and you can also get my exclusive more than $7,000 worth of avatar builder bonuses for completely free.

If you happen to buy avatar builder from the link given in the description. Anyway, I don’t want to waste your valuable time more in the intro because I really hate when people waste my time. So just hope straight into avatar builder, review and demo.

So now see what is avatar builder and what you can expect from this software. Avatar builder is the first to market software that can help you in creating customized, 3d human style avatar to convey your marketing message to your audience and customers.

You can use this software to create any kind of avatar or cartoon animation for your video campaign, and you can create any kind of explainer video, even without any professional tech or video editing skill using this software.

The most important thing is you have total control over all the customization process. Avatar builder gives you unlimited access to all the multi-lingual technologies to convert global audiences and reach 10 X more customers.

It has also its own templates and graphics gallery that contains, I believe more than 1 million copyrights free video creation graphics. So you don’t need to invest money on other things. Avatar builder is the all in one suite to create a human-like avatar video for your advertising campaign, or you can create any kind of explainer video in a minute.

If you are a video maker, designer, freelancer agency, owner, or marketer, then you must need to consider avatar builder for your business growth. Well, this all was the only theory. Now let’s see a practical demo of the avatar builder software with Mr.

Paul [inaudible]. He is the creator of avatar builder and my friend further, he will proceed with the avatar builder demo from his window. Hi there, this is Paul [inaudible] and I’m super excited to introduce you to our best ever product to date avatar builder, a project that we have been trying to crack since 2016 and after two full years of development and over $250,000 spent on this technology.

This right here is our best product to date. In fact, when we showed this technology to Amazon, they were so impressed that they got us accepted into their Amazon startup migrate program, which is a super hard program to get into.

And it allowed us direct access to Amazon’s own product managers and tens of thousands of dollars worth of high-end infrastructure, which again, we implemented in this technology, which makes it a future-proof way of creating videos.

Now, before we jump into this app, let me kind of give you a quick run through the main features of the avatar builder app habits. Our builder uses the latest advancements in video animation, artificial intelligence, and state of the art and multi-lingual video technologies to attract more customers, sales and leads without any experience, fancy equipment, or even the need to be on camera yourself for the first time ever.

You can now customize and design your own virtual talking Pixar and Disney style animated, 3d avatars within seconds, and wow, your audiences like never before 2d and 3d animated avatars, especially are proven to outperform spokesperson videos and even other styles of videos and presentations due to their uniqueness.

And the big budget needed to be producing these types of animated videos. For example, just a 32nd 3d animation character video alone cost $800 or more on a website like Fiverr, which is known for $5 gigs.

Now, when you go into Upwork or even directly to clients, you’re looking at tens of thousands of dollars for the high-end animation that you can create inside avatar builder platforms like Google Shopify, and even nonprofit institutions are using 3d animation and avatars to run video ads and commercials.

These are the same style of videos that we’ve used on our own sales videos. In the past that have generated millions in sales, outperforming every other type of sales video or explainer video. Now you have the same power in your hands with absolute simplicity, select from our wide variety of 3d avatars, built into the app and customize everything from head to toe, using the revolutionary first, a fits guide, visual avatar builder technology custom, make your own 3d avatar for any marketing goal, to convey your message to the masses and grow your brand in a fun and engaging way.

You have total control over the customization process, change the colors and look of the clothing, hair, scan accessories, and select from a wide variety of props like eyeglasses shoes, watches West, and a lot more with unlimited design possibilities, get the avatars to speak anything you want in any language you choose with.

Award-winning text to speech in hundreds of natural sounding male and female voices in all the popular languages and accents. This right here is the largest collection of text to speech voices available in any one app, you can also record your own voice into the app in any language and have the avatar speak it with perfect lipstick.

You can also convert any audio or video into text and translate it into any language with our powerful instantaneous speech to text transcription engine, which is a first of its kind technology to reach global audiences are artificial intelligence back smart.

Seeing creative technology automatically transforms any text in a stunning attention, grabbing videos and video slides with dazzling text effects, animations, and of course, text to speech, video backgrounds, and more in seconds effortlessly change the fonts and emissions backgrounds, transitions to suit your needs with our intuitive and easy to use interface.

You can even add your own video backgrounds, animation show reels, and more, or even bring your own videos from other apps and spice them up with our three, the animated avatars, because you can put that as the background video and the avatars can be placed on top of that.

You also get better results and leave your competition in the dust with this technology because you have more than a 10,000. Yep. You heard that right. Customizable done for you. Video templates from the hardest niches and industries with different types of videos included.

That means you can create impressive and engaging videos for any marketing goal, including 3d explainer videos, animated videos, educational e-commerce, social media, YouTube presentations, and even sales videos.

Like the ones we’ve created, which we are well-known for in just a few minutes. Okay. And want to create more custom videos? No problem. Rebel the history open canvas video builder to design your own videos in any language from scratch.

Now let me show you how easy it is to use the app. It’s just, it’s simple steps. I’ll walk you through it. I’ll walk you through some simple and easy to use features, and then you can go in and try it out yourself and be amazed.

The first step is right here. You can choose one of the text effects that would happen when you want to create a video from simply copy pasting a text. So meaning you can get an article. You can get a blog post or any text and convert it into a 3d animation explainer video.

And in men, a long form sales video as well, which again is really, really powerful. Now how you do this as you just pick one. So here you can just hover over your mouse and it’s going to show you a whole bunch of actual video styles.

So if you have typewriter box techs, you have isometric texts, meaning you can get these animations literally by pasting a bunch of scripts. And of course, once you choose this option, you also get a bunch of templates to choose from.

So let’s say I choose this option right here. The second option on my screen, I click next. And then I am offered a bunch of options. You got blank canvas, which is a little bit more custom way of being, or you can choose one of our templates right here.

Now, normally you might see a hundred, a couple of hundred or 50 templates and so on. Well, here you have more than a thousand templates across these text effects. And so on built in with professional voiceovers, but professional script’s already written or all that stuff ready to go.

So you can look like a professional in just a few clicks. So let’s for example, say we wanted to pick one of these ready-made templates right here. Well, let’s do that right away so we could choose let’s say this one.

Okay. And it click next. And then you can choose one of our 3d avatar starts to built in. We have a ton of them right here, as you can see, and you’ll get like any one of them. I mean, it’s up to you what you decide to pick.

So let’s hypothetically say, I want it to pick one of these avatars here or any one of them for that matter. So let’s say, let me pick this one, Noah. So now here, as you can see how ready-made boys are, were preselected, as you can see here for that particular voiceover.

Okay. Or I can use text to speech here and we have a whole bunch of text to speech and voiceless. And so on the biggest in any app out there. Now this right here is where you can edit the script to your heart’s desire.

Okay? Now this is where you can change it to your heart’s desire. And then automatically it’s going to convert that over into speech. You can also basically bring in your own audio, which is where the speech to text console is built in here.

Meaning you can import an audio and it’s going to convert that speech into text. Okay. That’s where this section comes in here. It’s electric from your library. And then that’s important because every single audio that you import or create, we are actually lip-syncing the avatar and also positioning the text in a very animated way with transitions and so on.

Because of that, we can actually create a video either from audio, from any texts that you paste or any ready-made voiceover and so on. Okay. So now let me actually click the ready wiser. And let’s do that for simplicity purposes.

Look at this right here automatically. We have a whole bunch of video slides and scenes created, okay. Automatically it’s using machine learning, meaning it automatically, no matter what script you write, it’s going to find out when to do the line spacing and all that mumbo-jumbo stuff.

You’ll make it really, really slick and professional. And you also have some point choices that you can use here to change up your fonts, to your heart’s desire, which is awesome. And then now click next.

Once. You’re happy with that. Now you can change the text color, meaning it’s going to change this text color across, uh, for the entire video. You can change the box color. Now this was for the box text.

So meaning your text is having that little box around it, right? The background, while you can change that from black right now than it is to any other color that you wish you can also upload your company logo.

Now, this company logo will be like a watermark, which is going to be throughout all the video scenes. Now this is also up to you. You want to do it or not. Okay. Now click next. And then here is where the magic happens.

You can customize the avatar to your heart’s desire. So you can see that I can turn off the hair. I can turn on the hair. I can give another hairstyle here and so on and so forth. That can change the beard.

I can remove the beard. Right? I can add a bigger beard. Now let’s say I wanted to give him a little bit darker beard here. Okay. Like, okay, I can do that now. Let’s say I wanted to give him blonde hair, right? Let’s say I want to add that.

Well, I can do that right here. You see there now that doesn’t suit his line here. So now I can give him a little bit more of a blondish brownish beer, let’s say right. I can do that. It’s a complete color picker.

As you can see here. And then now I can change his eyebrow color. Let’s say I wanted to change that I can do it changes the eyebrow slightly. And of course you can also change even the finger near color.

Okay? Now this is important because again, the animation side is so good that even when you zoom in these variables are really good. You can even change the color of the lips, the body, the box that is holding.

You can even change the color of that. So let’s say you wanted to change it to some other color. You can do that, like maybe Brown and you can do that. This is how it changes. The color can change the color of his pants.

So let’s say he wanted to change it to some other color of your choice. Well, you can do it to have full customization capabilities. Like, so let me, I want to change it to the shirt, to maybe something like a Navy blue ish kind of shirt.

Well, I can do that right away. You see this how awesome it is. I can even change the color of the shoes. Okay. I can change his body color, right? So let’s say I want to change his body color to something else.

I can do that too. Just make sure that, you know, it’s not a completely different color, like green or something. Uh, but you can change it to your heart’s desire basically, as you can see here and give him a slight tan 10, you do whatever you want.

As you can imagine. Now, the cool thing is once you’ve selected your options, okay, you can either save it or you can just go next. Okay? Which means you can actually upload a logo here as well. So if I upload a logo here, that’s going to automatically get mapped into the actual box right here.

Okay. That’s called logo mapping, which means every single video that you create with this outer, you can actually put a logo which could be for delivery services. In this case, it could be for example, an e-commerce business, which is shipping products, any brick and mortar business and so on.

And then once you’ve chosen that, which is what I’ve done, I’ve just uploaded my logo. Well, you can now go to the next step, right? Basically here. Now, this is where it generates the entire scenes for you.

See, this is while I was building the whole sequence, it created a whole, the scenes for me for just a simple text that have pasted. It can be a blog post. And so on. Now you can come here in this section and you can actually change the background media.

So if I click on the upload button, I can go into the media library. I can, I can put a bunch of image backgrounds. So for example, let’s say this is for delivery business. I can go into any of these integrations that we have here.

And then I can use say delivery, for example, right? So let’s say delivery and I can find a delivery based background as an example, as you can see here, right? So I could do that if I wish are I can do whatever I want, literally.

So for example, if I go here and I can say delivery, right? And I got a bunch of these delivery based backgrounds, as you can see here, and I can put them as well, which is powerful. And also you can put your own video backgrounds as well, do the sequence, which is again, extremely powerful.

So I, for example, if I want to do this, I can do a lot of cool stuff like cropping it, editing it and so on and so forth. Or I can just close and go back and then change what I wanted to do. It’s totally up to you.

You can do whatever you want. You have full flexibility. So let’s hypothetically, I want to do this right. And I want it to like this. Well, I can do that. I can even remove the background of that image as well, if I wish.

So you see this, how I’ve done that and automatically got updated for this particular scene. And you go to the next scene and do what that hour I can apply to all scenes by clicking here, apply all. And I can change that screen over here, or I can basically clear, and it’s going to remove it from that particular sequence.

You see this, I cleared it and now I can upload a new background as well. So for example, if I wanted to put a background related to, for example, a video background or something like that, I can do that too.

So, uh, for instance, let’s say this, um, let’s see here, something to do with this. Let’s say, okay, I can choose this video background and automatically it’s going to manage it. So it’s going to crop it sorted and all that stuff intelligently.

So that it’s gonna be a beautiful video background and you can add multiple video backgrounds and so on and so forth, right? And you can do all kinds of cool stuff. And I can show you so many other cool features.

Of course, we’ll be showing you all this process throughout the way. So now let’s say for example, I wanted to look close up of this, see how I can do the close up of this avatar. Right? I can remove the avatar by clicking none.

So now all the animations that I’m showing you that can be done as well. I can choose the avatar to be on the right, for example, right. I can do all these positioning as well, right? Depending on it, styles that I’ve chosen for the text automatically, the software gives you suggestions, where to position, where what to do and so on.

So you don’t have to do any thinking on your parts, your for example, it says avatar positioning for rights. There are certain text effects. It might show you how to do it left so on and so forth, depending on the avatar, depending on the actual text effect and so on, it does all the thinking for you.

So you don’t have to do any of that thinking yourself, which is powerful. You can even do it in such a way where you can do combinations. You can have an avatar to the right and close up. You can have the avatar not close up in another scene.

And then you have total choices here. And then all the seeds are automatically created. You see this, some of them are two seconds long. Some of them are five seconds long and so on and so forth. They’re fully flexible about what you think.

And for example, the English icon here, and then you can go in for example, and then you can even change the background and remove the background image. So for example, if I have this image for delivery, I can remove the background from within the app and add that as a background image or also an image into the actual project.

Okay. We have different choices available. So as you can see her put in that truck, I can put that delivery truck as the actual, it has an AI background removal feature here. So let me select that. And then now I can make that into the backroom.

You see this how cool that is? So this is the kind of stuff that you can do now. All you have to do like next, and then you can click a project name and render it out in full HD. So the project name in this case, as you can see here is right here.

I’m putting that in right now. As you can see here, project name, let’s say it is sales video. That’s the project name on it. Click create video, boom, you are done automatically. It’s doing his job. And then it’s going to show up right here.

Now after the video is created, you have three options. One, you can download it, clicking the download button to your right here. You can clone this project and create another one. Or you can even go back and edit it and re render it again.

If you made a mistake on this project. So you have those options as well in this section. So that is in a nutshell, what else our builder is? It’s so easy to use now, of course there are so many other features and so on available in the app.

So I’ll be going through them and some other secret stuff that are within it. And when you’re testing it, you’ll notice all those secret features as well and stunning features built in, but see how easy it is to just paste the text, create a 3d animated video and create any kind of output.

And because of the fact that you can create video backgrounds and you can add all kinds of cool stuff, what happens is you can bring videos from other apps into this as well, which is extraordinarily powerful, and we have other templates and so on and so forth.

We’re adding every single day, which is unique. For example, animated templates, mock-up templates and so on and so forth to really drive home the point that you can create videos of any kind with avatar builder.

That’s the kind of flexibility that we have. You continue a bunch of texts and your junior few things, and you’re good to go in just a few minutes, powerful stuff, hope you enjoyed watching this video and start creating beautiful videos with avatars.

So that was Mr. Paul pano, and he gives an excellent demo of avatar builder. And I believe this much information is enough for you to get started with avatar builder, to get more knowledge about avatar, builder, pricing, upsells, and to get my exclusive more than $7,000 worth of bonuses, click the link, given the description and claim them now.

And thanks for watching today’s video, make sure to leave a, like if you did find value in today’s video, that does support the channel and support the actual video. So more people can get value from this video as well.

And yeah. Thanks for watching. Today’s avatar builder reviews, video.

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