20 tips for a positive mental attitude


A positive mental attitude can clear away all obstacles which stand between you and your major purpose in life. Because of the importance of the subject of our visit, I shall not only tell you that a positive mental attitude leads the entire list of the 20 great riches in life, but I am going … Read more

12 Psychological tricks to Build Self-Discipline


Today we’re going to learn about 12 psychology tricks to build self-discipline. Now, let’s begin, Number 1 – Replacement activities: Self-Discipline is the practice of resisting temptation. If you can resist temptation, you can gain control over your habits, your productivity and your lifestyle. But how do you train your brain to ignore all the … Read more

The Philosophy of Emotions & Philosopher’s Views


When I say the word ‘emotion,’ what comes to mind? You probably think of the different types of emotions you may experience on a day-to-day basis like happiness, sadness, anger, and excitement. Or maybe you thought of a chart like this, showing different faces displaying various emotions. These are great examples of emotions, but what … Read more

5 Types of Psychological Power

Psychological Power

Psychological Power What gives you power over someone else? Why can one person make a demand and a bunch of other people will listen without question? What divides the powerful from the powerless and where does their power come from power, governs how you think act, and make decisions in almost any social setting? No … Read more

Difference Between Persuasion & Manipulation

Persuasion & Manipulation

Persuasion & Manipulation it doesn’t matter if it’s in your personal life or your professional life at one point or another, you’re, probably going to deal with someone who’s trying to manipulate you now. Importance of Understanding the Difference: The first thing that we want to understand is that there’s a difference between persuasion and … Read more

Understanding You Child


When you play hide and seek with your kiddo, have you ever noticed how they will cover their own eyes and think that makes them invisible? What about when you ask your child to pick out a gift for a parent or sibling, and they choose a toy that they’d like to receive themselves instead … Read more

Why is Motivated Important


Motivated importance Why Motivation is Important in Life. we’ll be discussing motivation and its importance in life in this article. What is Motivation? So what is motivation? Motivation is the driving force for our actions, our willingness, and our desire to accomplish goals. The driving force can be extrinsic or intrinsic– in other words, from … Read more

Modernizing the Electric Grid of Africa

Electric Grid

Electric Grid How can we get people to do more good, to go to the polls, give to charity, conserve resources, or even do something as simple as washing their mugs at work so that the sink isn’t always full of dirty dishes? When I first started working on this problem, I collaborated with a … Read more