Easy Way to motivated Employees

motivated Employees


Hey friends, Dave Burkus here, welcome back to The DailyBurk. And today we are talking about a simple, easy way to motivate your people. Now when I say people you don’t necessarily have to be a manager or a senior leader to know that there are times where it is your job, sometimes because no one else is gonna do it, to motivate that group of people, that team that you’re on.

Whether it’d be a work team, even just a community group or a hobby group. There are often when the energy level is dipped low, motivation is drained, and if you’re in a business setting, no amount of incentive compensation or performance appraisals is going to solve it.

Simple Way to motivate people:

So, here’s the simple, easy way to motivate your people a little bit more. And that is, quite simply, let them know who it’s for. No, I mean it. Let them know who you’re working for. And when I say who you’re working for, I don’t mean who the boss is. And I don’t mean, necessarily, who you’re working to make a paycheck for, remind them of their family that they’re earning income for. I mean who is served by you doing your job? Often, it’s the customer, but sometimes it’s the community.

motivated Employees

Sometimes it’s the world, right? I mean if you’re lucky enough to work for a company whose mission is to change the world, psychologists call this-social motivation. The idea is that often we do things not because we’re getting paid for it and not because we love it but because we can see clearly who is helped by it. And we’re wired to help other people. I know it might not seem like it at times but we truly are. Whether that is another department in the organization, if we do our job, they are served better. Or whether that is, like I said, the customer in a battle that they’re facing. Or whether that’s the broader community that you serve just by existing. A lot of times when energy is low, we’ve lost track of who we’re doing it for.

It’s almost like, for a lot of people I refer to this, Simon Sinek started the start with the why movement, the idea of identifying the why and then going out from there. I love it, except that why is almost always who.

Who is it for? Do you want a simple, easy way to motivate your people? Tell them who they’re working for. Remind them who they’re working for, often. Keep it at the front of their mind that by being excellent in their task they are helping this person or this group of people.

It’s the who. It’s pro-social motivation. And it’s often more powerful than intrinsic motivation or any kind of incentive compensation plan that we can come up with. Who is it for? Thanks again, so much for watching this episode of The DailyBurk.

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