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how to motivate yourself to lose weight


how to motivate yourself to lose weight

It was a systemic review on motivations to lose weight. So they looked at a lot of different studies on what it was that people said, it motivated them to lose weight. – So they kind of culminated the, into a, a list of the most common and most successful.

– And obviously it would vary a lot, depending on if you’re male or female and if you’re old versus young. Which is funny, I always said– I used to ask staff this as a fun question, if you could be 10%, something better, what would you be? Would you want to be 10% smarter, 10% healthier? And all the older people said 10% healthier.

I mean, and I was young at the time like, what? Don’t you want to be 10% smarter? (laughing) But anyway, so, these are some of the common reasons. Especially for women, their appearance, they want to able to fit in their clothes, again or fit in the clothes they haven’t for a while, so.

how to motivate yourself to lose weight

Number two and this was bigger for men, was health and fitness. They were more concerned about their health, especially if they had something like diabetes or you know a high BMI, which we all do, I think.

Or if you’re older, but also kind of along with this, a lot of people wanted to reduce their medications. – Oh sure, right. Blood pressure medication. – Blood pressure and diabetes sometimes you can..

. – Oh sure, you bet. Get to get off the Metro POL? Or, I don’t even remember what it’s called, but… – The medication. – The medication. (laughing) Insulin reduction. Okay, number three. They had an important event coming up.

They had an important event coming up (how to motivate yourself to lose weight)

A social event, like a wedding. – And a wedding, that’s a big one– – That is a big one. – You got two months before the wedding and it’s time to hit the diet or whatever. – Yeah, isn’t that the truth? I mean, I don’t want to mention anybody in my life but, it’s been many times that it was a great motivator.

– Or if you’re up North, like here and it’s like, January and you’re gonna go to the Bahamas or something like that and then in a couple of months, you got to get ready for the beach. – You said that wrong by the way, it’s up Nord.

– Up Nord, yeah. – That’s how we say it. All right, another one was the ability to play with grandchildren or children and that is a big motivator, a lot, your grandchild’s going, Dad, Grandpa, I want to go and play, come with me! And you’re like.

.. (laughing) – Or maybe, maybe Grandma wants to do that. – Yeah maybe Grandma wants to do that. (laughing) And then number five, which I think is the worst reason. If there’s pressure from friends or family.

pressure from friends or family(how to motivate yourself to lose weight)

I mean, you got to have your own motivation or it’s not gonna work on you. – Yeah, that’s gonna be one of those double negatives, that’s gonna come back to, just gonna come back to bite you or– – And blow up on ya’.

So, this is our advice and we’re not nutritionists or we’re not dieticians, but this is things that have worked for us and we’ve seen work for some other people, but really I think the first is really good advice, is start with diet and don’t worry about exercise at first.

You’re trying to do, a nothing’s, changing nothing’s already and you’re gonna lose more weight through the diet, than you will through the exercise. Despite what people say. – Yeah and I’ve experienced that myself and I’ve seen, I mean, I’ve seen people who do iron man triathlons, literally, they’re exercising– – All the time.

– And they’re not skinny, they actually have… No, they’re not obese by any means, but they’re not thin like you think they would and I know it’s because of their diet and we talked to them but then– That’s why some people exercise a lot, ’cause they think if they exercise a lot, then they’ve got the green light to eat anything you want.

And then, you can get away with that when you’re younger, I think, but once you get the 40s and especially over 50s, it doesn’t work that way. – Yeah, yeah absolutely. Number two, write down what motivates you and look at it every day.

write down what motivates you and look at it every day(how to motivate yourself to lose weight)

So if it’s one of the things we just talked about, let’s say it’s your grandchildren, have a picture of your grandchildren on your mirror and every morning you go on, this is why, why I’m eating the way I am, why I’m gonna eat better today.

– Yup, so you can take ’em to the park and then run around. You got to watch out for those slings and stuff, those things you’ve got to climb into, you’re just too, physically tall to get in there. You’d really have a tough time – Yeah yeah, I would have a time, so I also don’t like the spinning rides.

– Oh yeah, certainly not, but yeah, have a picture of it, write it down and see other people. – Yep, number three. I don’t think you should use deprivation diet. If you’re starving or you’re hungry every day, it’s just not gonna last.

There’s nobody that can put up with that, I mean, if you’re gonna become vegan, which is fine, they’re gonna allow you to eat almost as many vegetables, healthy ones, as you want, until you’re stuffed.

If you go on keto, you’re gonna be allowed to eat almost anything, as long as it’s not carbs. – Sure. – Or a certain amount of carbs. – But I was doing that once, I was on this, it was a– I don’t know the name for the diet, but anyways, I was getting hungry and it said that, I kept reading the book and they said, you’re not gonna lose weight if you’re getting hungry, you got to eat because your body senses that hunger and puts you on your starvation mode, so it actually could put some fat on you and started burning it, so it’s not like you go eat a donut, but you have to eat specific.

.. – Yeah, works against you. – Right, keep your stomach, keep that appetite at bay and things will continue to burn. It’s especially, you’re not eating carbs. – Right, right. – There’s some more details we won’t get into now but.

Diet(how to motivate yourself to lose weight )

– Number four, I think no matter what you’re gonna change your diet to and when I say diet, I don’t mean again, deprivation. I just mean you’re changing the way you’re eating. I would start to eliminate processed foods and especially sugars.

You can get some natural sugars, so your fruits and stuff like that but, really avoid the sugars, that’s gonna help you lose weight right away, I mean, the sugary sodas. – Oh, what about the sugary juices? – The juices.

– There really isn’t many juices that you can get that aren’t saturated. – No, even orange juice, it’s so concentrated and it’s fine to eat oranges, but if you drink orange juice, there’s so much sugar in there.

– And this makes shopping at the grocery store easier because you’re not gonna use the center aisles, hardly at all. – Yeah, right. – You go there for the– – You go right around the ends. – Yeah, it’s just the meat, the vegetables, at the end, there’s some beer.

I got to get some of that at the end though. They put that in Wisconsin, just like that. But anyway, seriously it makes shopping much easier. ‘Cause I don’t eat the bun if I go out to eat anymore and I, french fries, I don’t even, I used to love french fries and now I can easily say no and it doesn’t bother me at all.

Much rather have veggies, give me the steam veggies and I’m really happy with it. – Yeah I love steamed veggies. – Someone else there shares some fries and they say, do you want some? Then you can, I’m not going to eat this many because they give you a big pile of them.

They taste okay now, they’re not terrible but it doesn’t, I don’t– – Fries really are terrible for you though. – Oh yeah. – I mean.. – I used to love ’em, that was my favorite. One of my favorite things to go for, but now I don’t crave it.

So I think, it was just a matter of changing… – Yeah, your taste buds, by changing your foods. So the last thing we’re gonna say is, you know we’re gonna, I don’t want any flack from this but, you may want to consider the keto diet.

And the reason I say that is we had Dr. Eric Westman on, who is an absolute expert of the keto diet, in fact his book, End Your Carb Confusion, is a great place to start, if you’re thinking about the keto diet.

I don’t care if you want to consider the vegan diet. I don’t care if you want to consider the paleo diet, those are all fine too, I think. But the thing about the keto diet that struck me when he was talking about it.

One, you’re not starvation, you can eat as much non carbs as you want and even the carbs, you can eat a certain amount for a while and you might be able to bump that up even, but the big thing is you can do it on any budget too.

He was recommending, even if you like to go to McDonald’s, go to McDonald’s, but don’t eat the bun, I mean, you can’t eat the fries either. – Yeah or you can’t drink the soda. So just order a burger, throw the bun out.

– You can drink a diet soda under his… – Really? – Yep, yep. He’s like, you can eat artificial sugars and sweeteners, artificial sweeteners. – Oh I can see why people. – So I mean, he’s just, he’s thinking about, if I understand it right, he’s looking at the two evils, if you’re a diabetic, is it better to be diabetic? Or is it better to get off diab– Be off diabetic and eating some food that’s maybe not that great for ya’.

– So you don’t have to medicate yourself further? – Right, right and diabetes leads to so many problems, eventually down the road, so you really want to be, trying to stifle if you can and despite what a lot of medical practitioners say, he’s got the studies that show that if you are diabetic type-2, you can actually get off the medication.

So anyway, that’s our 2 cents. And that’s exactly what it’s worth. – Yeah I mean, I’ve read the keto stuff and I haven’t done anything. I’m not a keto person, I’m not a vegan person. I’ve just cleaned up, take the sugars out, take out, you know.

.. – A lot of the processed foods. – I do like grass fed beef, I think there’s some good research on that too. But, so yeah, I mean, anytime you mention a specific diet we’re gonna have people from all different sets saying– – Well, I think that’s great.

Everybody give your comments and we’re trying to help everybody out there, so. – Right, do what works for your body. – Yep, all right, remember Brad and I can fix just about anything. – Except for… – Your diet.

No, except for a broken heart, but we’ll work on it. – I don’t know which one’s easier.

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