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how to stay motivated throughout the semester


how to stay motivated throughout the semester

How to stop wasting time: Hey there! Have you ever paused yourself and said “I’ve got to stop wasting time!” Think about this, you have all your things planned up, to get up early, study some new chapters, play outside for a while but then reality hits you and now you have wasted about an hour just thinking and daydreaming! Very relatable right? We know you too suffer from wasting time and let me tell you, You and I are no different! So here are some tips that have helped me and many others.

, if only you stayed with us throughout this video and unleash these tips and you can now start working instead of wasting time! Let’s begin!

Figure out your goals

Tip No:1 Figure out your goals Many times, the reason that you mostly waste time is because you don’t have clear goals and desires that you’re working towards.

When you determine what you really want from your day, , or life, it gives you focus and direction, hence helping you in being more productive. Write your goals down so Whenever you find yourself wasting time, go back to your list of goals!

Keep Deadlines

Tip No: 2 Keep Deadlines Whether it is your daily work or even when it comes to studying, make sure you keep a deadline for that particular task.

This will help you stay focused for a longer period of time and in turn also benefit in keeping you busy.

Keep track!

Tip No: 3 Keep track! I’m sure you too were surprised and asked, where did all the time go?! Well, There are various Apps from which you can find out how much time you are actually spending on your gadget! Keep a track and allow yourself to keep limits for the amount of time you spend on your phone.

Wake up early

Tip No: 4 Wake up early! When you get up early, you definitely have more time in the day! Waking up early gives you enough time to read, or work on important projects. Plus, when you get up and immediately do something important, it gives you momentum for the rest of the day.

Follow the 2-minute rule!

Tip No: 5 Follow the 2-minute rule! As per the 2-minute rule, if you come across any task that needs less than 2 minutes to complete, you should do it then and there. Since remembering the task later, and then doing it will take 5 or more minutes.

This rule will initially help you to stop wasting time! So these were some tips on how to stop wasting time, can you guess what happens if you stop wasting time? That’s right! You’re more productive!

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