school it could open all kinds of new doors for  your career you could make helpful connections   you could learn about new avenues to explore  within your field but on the other hand you’d be   sacrificing a ton of your time and a whole lot  of money there’s also no guarantee that you’ll  succeed 

how to yourself  make your mind 

get anything out of it after working your tail  off for years you might end up in the exact same   place that you are right now now there are obvious  advantages and disadvantages to both sides so how   do you make up your mind well many people start  with a pros and cons list it’s sort of like the  

Outline your pros and cons in different culums

one we just outlined you write down all the good  things on one side and all the bad things on the   other and then all you have to do is compare now  in this case you’d put opportunities connections   and learning in the pros column while putting  time money and uncertainty in the cons column  

when they’re side-by-side it’s a lot easier to  figure out which option carries the most weight   but there’s one thing a pros and cons list  just can’t do it doesn’t account for the way   your life’s going to change pros and cons lists  sometimes feel unsatisfying because they don’t  
take your emotions or your lifestyle into account  sure going back to school could be great for your   career but what if it makes you miserable what if  you end up overworked and unmotivated because you   took on more than you could handle my point is  if you’re making a life-changing decision it’s  

consider think like your long term goal

not just about the pros and cons you need to  consider things like your habits your happiness   and your long term goals so let’s go ahead and  compare something else just visualize what your   life would look like if you chose not to go back  to school how would you feel how would your goals  
change what kind of future do you see yourself  having ask yourself these personal questions and   then make sure you’re being realistic write them  down in their own column do the same thing for   the opposite side paint a picture of a future  where you do go back to school you could even  
imagine the little things like your daily routines  would going to school turn your life upside down   or would it help you develop a healthier lifestyle  just like before write your answers down in their   own column now look at your list it isn’t just  pros and cons anymore it captures two different  
futures two possible ways that your life could pan  out because when you make a big decision it’s not   about the stuff you’re deciding on it’s about how  each path will shape you as an individual so if   you visualize your options you can make decisions  by choosing   

Take a quick survey to your friends, co workers  and family

two survey the room asking for help doesn’t make  you indecisive in fact gathering outside opinions   is a great way to get a better understanding of  your problem so if you’re having an impossible   time with something take a quick survey talk to  your friends your co-workers or family members  
explain the situation and see what they think  this strategy works for a couple of different   reasons the first is that it gives you some new  perspectives chances are you’ve been mulling   over this issue for a long time you’ve tried to  approach it from every possible angle but there’s  

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