Limitless. If you’ve ever seen the movie,  you will have wished that NZT   was real – a pill that could  give you ultra-focus, motivation,   and unleash your full potential. A way to become  unstoppable and make your dreams a reality.

But you soon come to the depressing realisation:  the pill doesn’t exist, and you’re still stuck in   a rut, constantly tired and unproductive.  Time ticks by, the seasons keep changing,   but you’re left with a sinking feeling you’re  getting left behind.

You’ve not achieved what you   thought you would have by now. You tell yourself  tomorrow will be different but it never is. But what if I told you,  becoming limitless, is possible? Not through some magical pill but through a  proven system that anyone can use totally free.

If you watch this video to the end and commit  to these simple steps for just a few weeks,   I am certain your life will radically  change for the better. So, are you with me?   STEP #1: ENERGY  12 months ago I found myself feeling totally  drained of energy every day – constantly   lethargic and tired even after doing  very little.

And then I heard a stupidly   simple sentence that changed my life  completely: You control your energy levels. You see, inside every one of us is a person who  wants to lay around all day eating junk food,   doing nothing.

But also inside every one of us is  someone extremely productive and ready to take on   the world. Yet as a society, we like to wait for  this magical concept of motivation to switch us   from one state to the other, but motivation is  temporary.

What’s much more reliable, is energy. Imagine for a moment that you are powered by  a battery, and the lower your charge gets,   the worse you function, and the harder every  thing is. If 100% was that limitless feeling,   and 0% was about to fall asleep, what  level is your energy at right now? Now, please humour me for a minute.

Stand up and  just shake your body for 10 seconds. Then clap.   Seriously, I can wait. If you actually did that, I am almost  certain your energy bar just increased. The thing is, you never have to accept  that low energy feeling, you can raise   your energy levels and totally change your  state of mind at any time, it’s just that   most of us let our current state happen to us  rather than being proactive about changing it.

Now, we all know things like exercise and eating  healthier raise our energy levels – in fact if   someone could put those things into a pill, it  wouldn’t be too far off the limitless pill. But,   in some cruel twist of fate, it’s obviously way  harder to be active and eat well when you have low   energy to start with.

So here’s some easier ways  to increase your energy levels really quickly: 1. Put on your favourite upbeat energetic  song that gets you psyched, and dance to it  2. Visualise scoring the winning  goal at the world cup, and physically   celebrate like you’ve actually just won.

3. Do a 60 second workout – I use pushups   but it can be anything that gets your  body moving and heart beating faster.  4. Get a blender, throw a bunch  of vegetables in, and down it.   It’s like an energy drink but  without the crash from the sugar.

And obviously you can come up with loads more  of your own too. The crucial part is you now   write down a list of about 5 different things that  work for you, that will rapidly raise your energy   levels whenever needed.

Because that means as soon  as you catch your energy feeling low throughout   the day, you can immediately do something on  your energy list to raise your energy back up. And if you commit to doing this, you create  a new baseline level where your natural   default state is much more energetic.

Which means  you don’t wanna lay around doing nothing any more,   you’re switched on, and ready to  crush whatever you need to do. But once you’ve got your energy list,  we can move on to STEP TWO: FOCUS One of the biggest benefits of the Limitless  pill was the ability to get into ‘flow’ state,   where you’re in the zone with no distractions  and work feels effortless.

The thing is,   that flow state is completely real, you just  need to use specific techniques to access it. So, now you’ve got an energy list  written down, you’re going to make a   focus list – a checklist to follow as  soon as you start work.

Here’s mine: 1. Get some noise cancelling headphones,  and put on a dramatic movie soundtrack on   repeat – because there’s no lyrics so it’s great  for focus, but simultaneously makes you feel like   you’re working on something epic that might  just save the world.

My go to is Hans Zimmer,   but take your pick on whatever you enjoy  listening to, but that doesn’t distract you. 2. Work blocks – This is quite literally  the key to productivity. It’s often called   the Pomodoro Technique, and it’s where  you split your work into small tasks,   and work for 25 minutes straight,  then have a 5 minute break,   and repeat.

Now, that may not sound like  some revelation, but it works so well. Firstly, make sure you get an app on your phone,  because you need to be able to visibly see the   timer counting down to give yourself that urgency  and deadline.

Secondly, the 5 minute break means   you don’t burn yourself out; and gives you  time to do something from your energy list   like grab a coffee. And thirdly, this technique  means you break down big overwhelming things   into small 25 minute chunks which makes them seem  much more manageable, and help you build momentum.

3. Kill Time Vampires – All of us have things  that just drain your time and attention,   and completely take you out of that flow state. In fact, research has found that there’s something  called attention residue, which means that even   if you just check your phone or emails for a  minute, when you go back to your work some of your   attention is still stuck on your phone or emails,  which essentially drains your productivity.

The solution is brutal but necessary:  put your phone on do not disturb mode,   get a free browser extension or app  that blocks time-wasting websites,   and tell people around you that you  can’t be disturbed during specific   hours.

And if there’s anything else that could  disrupt your flow, find a way to block it,   and I guarantee you will get into that deep work  state more often where you really feel limitless. But now for STEP THREE: ULTIMATE GOAL This is probably the most crucial step of  all.

Because whilst mastering your energy   and focus will make you work smarter and  feel better, at the beginning of this video   I promised radical change to your life, and  for that we need this third and final step.

But first, it’s time for the big  question: What do you want to achieve?  What is your ultimate goal? Is it mastering a particular skill, getting a  certain job, making a specific amount of money? It can be anything, as long as it’s your goal,  and the one thing you want to achieve the most.

   Because if you don’t have an ultimate goal, that  big thing you’re working towards, your North star,   it’s so easy to just drift through life because  there’s no purpose or need to work hard.

However, here’s the secret that people miss: you  need to attach an emotional reason for your goal. Let’s say your ultimate goal  is to make a $1,000,000.   That’s great, but go to a  deeper level by asking WHY? Maybe you want to make a million  dollars so you can give your parents   the life they deserve while they’re still alive,  and so you don’t have to constantly worry about   money any more – you have that feeling of freedom  of not having to endlessly work a job you hate.

I guarantee that getting really honest with  yourself about the deeper why behind the goal   is what is going to keep you going when motivation  drops and things get tough. Not a day should go by   where you don’t think about your ultimate goal  and that visual image of why you’re doing it.

   Because that’s what will get you up in  the mornings, and help you keep going. But of course, now we need a system to  actually achieve this ultimate goal.   And there’s a crucial concept that  separates people who are simply productive   from the ultra-successful people  who genuinely seem limitless.

The Pareto Principle states that roughly  80% of your results will come from 20% of   your actions. In other words, a small number  of things really matter, and the rest don’t.   If you’re going to achieve your ultimate goal, you  need to quickly identify what things contribute   the most, and either eliminate or delegate the  rest.

For example, if you’re trying to make more   money, what are the 20% of things that do that?  Is it checking your email every 20 minutes,   or getting on the phone to close sales? To reach  that Limitless state, you should be focused on   LESS things, but the things that have the  largest ROI.

Being limitless is not about   working constantly – in fact proper sleep and rest  is crucial – feeling limitless is about working   smarter and on the really important things  that move you to your ultimate goal fastest.

   And looking at your daily activities and  habits through the lens of the Pareto Principle   is the easiest way to predict your  future. If you find a lot of things   that don’t move you significantly closer to  your ultimate goal, eliminate or delegate.

So there you have it, 3 steps to becoming  limitless. Create an energy list, a focus list,   and fill your days with the tasks that  move you closest to your ultimate goal. But if you’re sat there right now frustrated  thinking you kinda knew all this anyway,   you’re right.

This isn’t a secret. It really  is this simple to totally transform your life   and get the things you want in life. But  simple doesn’t mean easy. It means sacrifice. In the Limitless movie, Eddie  becomes wealthy, powerful,   influential, successful – but he sacrifices his  old life of relaxing, drinking, chilling out.

So the real question, is are you willing to make  that short-term sacrifice for your ultimate goal?   If you’re not, that fine. Not everyone needs to  be living some ultra-productive life to be happy.

   But if you have big dreams,  here’s what you do right now: Get a blank sheet of paper, and draw 30 boxes.  This represents the next 30 days of your life. At the top of the paper, write your ultimate goal.

In one corner re-write your energy  list, and in the other, your focus list. Finally, pin this paper to your wall  in a place you will constantly see. Now, for the next 30 days, you’re going  to try these three steps.

Whenever you’re   energy isn’t high, you’re going to do something  from your energy list. Whenever you’re working,   you’re going to use the things on your focus list.  And whenever you’re deciding what to do each day,   you’re going to pick the the tasks that  contribute most to hitting your ultimate goal.

And at the each of each day, you get to put  a big X in the box if you did all threee.   If you didn’t, then you have  to leave that box blank. This is often called Seinfeld Strategy, as  Jerry Seinfeld used this to build the habit   of writing at least one joke every single day.

  Essentially, you build up a momentum streak, where   you don’t want to break the chain of crosses,  and before you know it, you’ve built a habit. And that’s what will happen here too – if you  can commit to just 30 days of these 3 steps,   before you know it you will naturally be using  these techniques without having to think about it.

Or in other words, you will be well  on your way, to feeling limitless. Hey guys – I really hope this was helpful for  you, and if it was I am pretty certain you will   also like these videos here: – Feel free to check  them out now, and don’t forget to subscribe if   you wanna see some even better videos on the way  very soon.

Thank you for watching right to end,   you are a legend, and I’ll see you soon. Cheers!

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