A Pennsylvania man has been charged for killing an Uber driver who vanished last week in what authorities described as a fatal robbery.

The Allegheny County criminal court records show that the suspect, Calvin Crew, a 22-year-old was charged with criminal homicide, robbery and tampering with evidence in the death of the driver.

According to a criminal complaint obtained by NBC News on Saturday, a dashcam inside the driver’s car captured Crew allegedly pointing a gun at her neck as she drove.

Reading from a statement, Allegheny County Police Superintendent, Christopher Kearns told reporters that the driver disappeared on February 10. He added that she died from a single gunshot wound.

After the killing, Crew allegedly tried to access the driver’s banking apps to transfer money to his girlfriend’s phone.

Authorities said on Friday that they were consulting with prosecutors over possible charges against the girlfriend, who was not identified.

The driver’s body was spotted in an area roughly 40 feet from a road in suburban Pittsburgh and that Crew allegedly shut off the dashcam and threw it out.

A detective later found it near where the Uber trip ended.

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