Nigerians move to different parts of the world, particularly the United Kingdom for a variety of reasons. Some of such reasons are career progress; some are seeking new opportunities, while some want a fresh start or to experience living in a different country.

Irrespective of the reason for a Nigerian moving to the United Kingdom, such a Nigerian will be in good company.

According to data published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) for the period of January 2019 to December 2019 which estimated that 219,000 of the resident population of the UK were born in Nigeria and 114,000 of the resident population held Nigerian nationality.

Living abroad within a culture very unfamiliar, several miles away from your loved ones and home comforts, one can sometimes feel lonely and isolated.

Many Nigerians who moved to the UK settled down in areas of the country with existing Nigerian communities, providing a bit of a home away from home.

According to WorldRemit, the largest Nigerian population in the UK can be found in multi-cultural London. It is estimated that around 97,000 of the 205,000 Nigerians in the UK live there.

Within London, the largest Nigerian communities can be found in:

Outside of the Nigerian community in London, the rest of the UK’s Nigerian population is more spread out.

Other sizeable communities can be found in:

  • Greater Manchester (13,000), of which 7,000 live in Manchester and 3,000 in Salford.

  • Leeds (4,000)

  • Coventry (4,000)

  • Gravesham (4,000)

On the Nigerian community in London, the WorldRemit reported that in the 1960s, a community of Nigerians settled in Peckham in Southwark, central London, and this community has continued to grow ever since.

In fact, the Nigerian community in Peckham is so vibrant, that it has been dubbed a “mini Lagos”. Bustling with shops selling Nigerian imports and restaurants serving authentic Nigerian dishes, it is the place to go for your fix of Nigerian food, fashion, and culture if you’re feeling homesick.

Other notable Nigerian neighbourhoods in central London include:

  • Thamesmead

  • Abbey Wood

  • Woolwich

  • Old Kent Road

  • Erith

  • Camberwell

  • Lewisham

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