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Hey there guys hope, you’re doing fantastic as we’re back with another video, where this time we’ll be covering one of the most competitive options for car insurance out there progressive in this video we’ll be covering the basic offerings by the company.

What makes them special customer reviews their pros and cons and by the end, you should have a pretty good idea about which policy will be the one for you keep watching to find out, as always be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications, and with that done.

Let’S jump in, although by no means a class leader in any field, progressive is a solid mid-range insurance provider, most notably with their lower rates for people with bad driving records and duis. Nonetheless, their rates range from average to above average and offerings aren’t all that special.

But let’s wait till the end for the verdict, like all their competitors. They provide basic state, enforced liability options all the way to fully comprehensive coverage depending on your budget as far as what exactly they cover in the standard plan, they provide liability coverage, medical payments uninsured as well as underinsured bodily injury, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage and uninsured motorist Property damage, as always, there is no set list of plans with coverages applied, but each customer has personalized ones so to compare with other companies, we decide on three basic tiers, low level with basic state liability limits, medium level with fifty thousand dollars for body and property Damage with uninsured and underinsured liabilities and finally, the high tier with one hundred thousand dollars for the same items, they cost around one thousand two hundred thirty five one thousand three hundred thirty four and one thousand four hundred fifty two dollars respectively.

Compare that to the average national rates, which start at 1 248 for low and go up to 1, 321 and 1 397 for the other two, and you can see why people aren’t too keen on their rates. That being said, they provide a ton of discounts from a multiple insurance policy.

Multiple vehicles snapshot discounts which calculates insurance based on your driving habits. Good student, homeowner and special discounts for online sign up and quotes. Another thing which is pretty decent is their special coverage list.

Having roadside assistance gap, coverage, rental, car reimbursement, custom parts and equipment, value, ride, share coverage and a deductible savings bank policy by far the place with the biggest gains, is their rates for drivers with duis, which is significantly lower from the national average of two thousand one Hundred twelve dollars to 1733 for progressive customers, as far as customer satisfaction goes, most of them are satisfied with their service time taken for processing and opening claims.

Although there is some inconsistency for some people making it a moderately light company – and that brings us to our first con, despite a base of satisfied customers – they just don’t compare favorably to competitors, neither do their rates and benefits and the discounts that we mentioned earlier are Not available in all states so make sure to check that before you think about signing up other than that they’re a solid mid-range brand, especially for people who desire some benefits or have a record that would cost a ton of extra cash elsewhere.

As far as what to buy, we recommend you go for the lower basic coverage packages because, as we’ve seen, the insurance from low to high is not matched with that high of an increase in coverage, especially compared to the price increase.

Not to mention it’s. The only price that’s near to the average insurance provider, but guys that was all we had for today. We hope you found the video informative if you did be sure to leave a like down below and with that i’ll see you in the next one

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