Alright, let’s get the facts straight. What is personal development? Because maybe it’s your time and it’s better for you to understand exactly what this is. Watch closely. You know, a big question I get asked is, “Kirk, all the stuff you do and teaching classes and mentoring, what is personal development?” You know, what really ,really is going on with personal development? I pull out a piece of paper and or I will describe this to them that you know, here’s you, here’s something you want, a goal.

And right between you and your goal, here’s a wall. And you try to go towards the wall to get to your goal. But you don’t really try to go to the wall. You try to go toward your goal, to get your goal but then you feel like you hit something.

Like something’s there. There’s something stopping you and what is it? Well, the only way you can describe it as something that stops you. And when you look around in life it’s like, “Well, the only thing that would really stop me would be a wall.

” You know, I’d run into a wall and so we come up with this name that we hit a wall. That’s just a made-up name. Most people have no idea what the wall even is. And then we drift away from the wall. Because we figured that’s just permanent.

And that’s the misconception is. We think when we’re moving forward and we hit this point in our life where everything stops and it’s that’s the end. We think it’s a dead end, we think it’s a wall and so we turn and we go the other direction, looking for the next direction to go.

But there’s our goal sitting there. Why can’t we have the goal? Why can’t we get to the goal? And so, what personal development is, is to uncover the mystery behind the wall. What’s happening at the wall? What’s happening to you? What really is the wall? And how is it that you go about creating this goal to literally be enough that you are willing to go through the wall? To get it.

So, personal development is clarity. Clarity on what is really happening. Because of all the misconceptions and all because of the myths and all the made-up stories that have been passed down from generation of generation.

There are people who won’t personally develop themselves. They won’t work on themselves. They won’t do the extra. Most people think you have to go to school and at school is where you develop and then when you come home, you don’t develop.

But wait a second. Mom and dad tried to teach us how to do chores. Mom and dad tried to teach us how to be honest and have integrity and keep our rooms clean and brush our teeth and take showers. Isn’t that personal development? We don’t learn that as school, we learned that at home.

But for some weird reason, people give a little wigged out here. A little weird owed out when I say, “Well, you can work on your mind.” Like, “Oh, no. This is weird. I can’t work on my mind.” Well, your mom and dad did.

Your mom and dad did growing up. Your mom and dad tried to help you think positively, be nice to people, believe in yourself. So, personal development has been going on ever since you were a child. Ever since your child, they’re teaching you, they’re showing you, they’re helping you personally develop.

So, personal development is not some weirdo name. It’s a very household name but it’s used in the form of parenting. So, here we are as adults, right? Or as teenagers and here we are we we see something in our life that’s not working right.

And so since we don’t see it working right, we can either go, “Oh, it’s a wall. I’m not supposed to have it, I can’t get it, I’m not qualified, I’m not worthy, I’m not good enough.” And we can be that way and walk away from it.

Or we can further develop our mind. We can further develop our abilities and our skills and our understanding so we can get that goal. There are certain people who hit a wall and they walk away. And there are other people who hit a wall and then their next question is, “What can I do to improve Who I am and how I see this so I can still move forward?” And that’s the dividing line amongst the human race.

It’s just the dividing line. We’ve got some… We got a lot of people, in fact, going down the line of, “Oh, I hit a wall I can’t do anything.” We’ve got other people are like well, “I hit a wall and guess what? I’m going to do something.

” And there is a list of what to do. To be able to make that wall smaller and shrink it down and be able to make that goal bigger so we can literally actually get it and get wrapped around it so we can have it, we’ve got to learn how to manage our thoughts.

That’s part of personal development is managing our thoughts. What goes on in here every single day? What goes on? Because people around you, I don’t know what’s going on inside. There you do, though.

If you’re paying attention. If you’re paying attention. The other thing that’s required is for us to manage our emotions. Emotions can derail us and emotions can empower us. But the common person today, emotions take them over mess them up, take them off the trail and they just wander and worry and flop around.

They just flop around because they’re lost. But a person who manages their thoughts and their emotions, they can be clear about what they’re doing and where they’re going. That wall shrinks down to almost nothing.

The goal gets bigger. Because they can focus their thoughts and manage their emotions. The next thing is to really seek for clarity of what is your goal. You know, personal development is to get focused and clear about what is you want in life.

We’ve been asked that question ever since we were a kid. So, why is it different as they as an adult, right? Ever since we were kids, people say, “What do you want to be when you grow up? What do you want to do when you grow up?” And we come up with ideas and you know, and then we change our ideas.

But for some reason, when we get to about 30 years, old 40 years old, the whole idea about what we want to be when we grow up kind of fades away. And where did grown up even start? Does it mean you’re grown up when you’re 20? Or does it mean you’re a grown up when you’re 50? And all this idea about what we’re going to be when we grow up, maybe we’re not done growing up.

Ah! That’s you. You’re not done being growing up. Come on. You got space. You got things to do. You got things to build and create. I don’t care how old you are. You’re not grown up yet. You’re still a kid.

You and me are still kids. And if we could manage our thoughts and manage our emotions and get clear about something we want, oh my goodness, we can get that wall shrunk down in that goal big and we can get going that way.

But it takes these 4 things. Number 4, it takes action. You know, what happens with action? Mistakes. And this is why me and you won’t take big action because we’re so stinking scared of mistakes. So, stinking scared we’re going to make a fool of ourself or do something wrong.

And we got to retract what we did and we have to redo what we did. And everybody’s walking around trying to be perfect. But yet everybody’s scared. So scared of making a mistake. So, “How do you do that Kirk?” Well, you you see your goal is very clear, you manage your thoughts and emotions.

So, you can take action. You’re not afraid of mistakes, you just take action. That’s what you do. But these 4 right here, these four. Shrink the wall, build the goal then you get the goal. There’s no wall.

There’s no wall when you learn how to do these 4. There’s no wall. But be careful. The next time you run into obstacles and things that seem like you shouldn’t go this way, don’t make up stories. Don’t make up stories that that means you should turn and run the other way.

Maybe you come up with a better story. I think it’s time to have some personal development. You’re not done yet. You’re not a grown up yet. I think we’re all grown up when we’re like 110. Then we’re done growing up.

Because you’re still growing. Your mind is still growing. Everything’s still growing around you. Life is still moving. But to follow these 4, you’re going to find the walls will shrink, the goals are getting more clear and you’ll take clear action and you will love the new path you’re on.

Not the one going the other way of just run away. And just go you know, complain that you can’t have what you want in your life. To get what you want life, requires personal development. No ifs, ands, and buts around it.

Personal development and the people who are in on it are the ones who are making changes and developing their mind in their emotions of their actions so that they can move forward. That’s called accomplishment.

That’s pretty powerful, right? Well, I’m thinking, if you like personal development then check us out as Three Key Elements. Go check out and learn more and find out what else we have for you. Because we can make a difference for you we know exactly the steps to take how to explain what’s going on with you so you have no walls and you get your goal.

Because it is time you stopped running away. It is time you stopped falling away and just sitting there thinking that nothing good can happen to you. You’re just missing some education. You know, watch our YouTube videos, get on our YouTube channel.

Watch and subscribe. Great content here that will help open up your mind to the possibilities for your life. Check out our website and also go and watch more of our YouTube videos. It’s going to help.

It’s going to make a difference. Because your life matters.

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